Practicing for emergencies

On a naval vessel, many things can go south.  We practice incessantly to control damage from fire, flooding, collission, grounding, and a host of other disasters.  Being a 9 year guy, with time on warships where damage control was life or death, once every 8 days I find myself on the in-port emergency team.  During our recent assessment, I was assigned as a hoseman.  On a navy ship, during a real or drill emergency has absolute right of way.  This was a few days before I left Supply Dept.  The bells had rang indicating my presence was needed immediately in the designated repair locker.  FN Pokey was lollygagging up the stairs I had to use to get to my station.  I yelled, “MOVE!!” and that mofo slowed down.  “MOVE OR I’LL KICK YOU DOWN THE STAIRS!” and he hustled up.  I got to my station and played firefighter for the next hour.  After the drill, I told FN Pokey that if the casualty was real, I would have kicked him down the stairs.  He was under the impression thathe would have some recourse if that happened.  The HT3 taking my place explained to him with very small words that it is very much impossible to get a member of the fire party in trouble during an actual casualty.


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