Doggone punks!

I officially don’t like YouTube.  I was going to send an angry e-mail to their admin guy, but there is no such e-mail link on the site.  I propose that every POd American fax angry letters to them for their attempts at censorship.  Anti-Obamanation videos are being yanked off faster than one can say Avast.  We barely censor journalists in the war zone.  Why is the homefront being censored.  While I’m at it, SNL/NBC gets 30 lashes, minus one, for being wimps.  A video was edited to remove a few items of offense.  People can call a defaced cross art, but can’t take a “they need shot” joke.  Michelle Malkin transcribed the audio, and has screenshots.  Some of her commenters have pointed to places that have saved the video vice the link.  I might watch NBC one more day, in order to boycott their advertisers.  It pisses me off to no end to see freedoms that I and others have suffered to provide, be shat upon in my own country.  I say call the Bos’n, let the cat out of the bag,  and commence to flog.  If you can’t find a Bos’n, call me.  By the way, thirty(or forty, I forget) lashes minus one is attributed to the Hebrew standard of mercy, as enumerated in the Torah.  I shall research and edit as appropriate.


3 thoughts on “Doggone punks!

  1. Echoing your sentiments, Snipe. Unfortunately, the censoring and editing of information the Dems don’t like are not confined to UTube. Example:

    A member of my family, detailed to a political function as an LEO (upper command of that city’s department) was asked for a head count. Although his count was accurate, the Dem representative felt the numbers were too low, and immediately doubled it. The false number was published.

    For some reason, that family no longer trusts the media.
    I told them welcome to the real world.

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