Wrong button?!

When pressed on controversial votes he made, Sen. Obama siad he pushed the wrong button.  That crap can get you fired elsewhere.  One of my watches, Damage Control Console Operator(DCC, or dicko) involved buttons.  I could start and stop fire pumps remotely, and I could close fire zone doors.  That’s three buttons.  A total of several, due to multiple pumps and doors.  Had I pushed stop in lieu of start, I probably would have been beat about the head and shoulders with something blunt and heavy.  During real emergencies, the DCA would tell me what pump to start or stop.  If I hit the wrong button in an emergency, someone could have died.  A man, with apparently zero attention to detail, wants control of our national arsenal.  They make thrillers out of stuff like that.  If you haven’t seen yhe earlier video, here is a quote.  “You can’t even afford the tax on the price (Senator) McCain payed for his country.”  It was directed to liberal drones.


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