New link

I have posted a link to The Ambulance Driver Files.  AD, as he is known in his blog, drives what my young cousin calls a Doctor Truck.  I have a semi-professional interest in emergency medicine.  For the time being, on the great big floaty thing, I am a stretcher bearer.  That is kind of like Field Medic Jr.  We stabilize the wounded and carry them to the actual medics.  “Next higher echelon of care” is the military word.  I have also responded to various(OK 1) medical mishaps as a Good Samaritan.  The fact was, I had sufficent training, and those around me were panicking.  I took charge, along with a former Army Ranger, and we did the ABC thing until the real live paramedics showed up.  It was a learning experience.  A real person is not our “Oscar” dummy, or Rescue Randy.  The worst thing was, it was a seizure, and all we could do was keep the poor young lady comfortable until the paramedics arrived.  Full story later to come.


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