Growing up

This song says it all.  Being raised in WV by parents that didn’t have money to waste, I made my own fun.  It sems to me that a lot the kids just leaving high school are anti-social, and unable to express themselves in a real and tactile world.  When we got our first game system, it was a Nintendo, and we got it for Christmas.  Mom’s one attempt at being a soccer Mom failed miserably.  She made brother and I take tennis one summer for the experience.  We did OK, but after that one summer, we heard nothing more about summer extras.  I was in Boy Scouts.  Dad was an Eagle Scout, but he never pushed us into it.  We enjoyed it, and made the most of it.  I learned a lot that I still use today.  The thought of hiking miles into the boonies, apparently scares some people.  A lot of the junior guys just chalk it up to me being a hillbilly.


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