Weapon stuff

In my short life, I have used or become familiar with lethal and less than lethal weapons.  Every thing from a thousand pounds of BOOM! to a few ounces of WHACK!  I personally like the option of less than lethal when it exists.  If I can give a stupid, not normally malicious person, a second chance, I will.  All they might have is a charlie horse, or a bruised arm.  My mind sees lethal and less than lethal as two different people.  The drunk guy with beer muscles trying to grab the OODs gun and being stupid, as opposed to a gun brandishing certified bad guy.  I am not a hippie or a let’s all turn guns into shovels guy.  Sometimes less than lethal is not an option.  But, everything from baton to bomb have a common denominator.  Individually, that item is just a hunk of wood, plastic, what have you.  During Kempo class, the Instructor was asking us what was more dangerous, the stick, or the hand?  That one was easy.  To make the point for the less weapon savvy, he set the stick down, and asked if it could hurt him from there.  “No!  It is the hand that wields the weapon that is the danger.”  I agree.


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