For those of you that don’t know history, let me give you a primer in true snipe fashion.  King George was pulling dirty political tricks on the colonists.  The colonists called BS! in true Yankee fashion.  They had the balls to fight tooth and nail for their rights.  Off the top of my head, here are some of the dirty tricks.  Meetings in strange,uncomfortable, and inconvenient locations.  Taxation without represenatation(The power to tax is the power to kill-Franklin).  Now, the dimmocrats are up to the same dirty tricks with the Republicans.  Not inviting them to meetings, and then giving them guff for not attending.  Wanting to use taxes to support voter fraud.  The last time this happened, there was a shot heard round the world.  I may slightly misquote this next part, but the sentiment remains.  “Alas, the Tree of Liberty, must from time to time be watered with the blood of true patriots.”  I think it was either John Adams or James Madison.  Please leave a comment if you happen to know the correct quote.  Trivia for the day, James Madison crossed the Delaware with George Washington.  He was a member of the VA militia.  We need ballsy men(or women) like that back in the halls of government.  The link to the the State of Mass Confusion(aka Mass Backwards) has the post that set off this mini rant.


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