Weekly Navy jargon

This week’s term is sea lawyer.  As alluded to earlier, they are usually an unholy pain in the the ass.  A sea lawyer “excels” in quoting the fine points of regulations, usually to avoid work.  The best way to deal with one is the phrase “Show me in writing.”  If sea lawyers were correct half the time, SN would be leading Petty Officers, we would be required to get off early for doing any actual work, and they would have to get 8 hours of sleep per night.  The rules for sleep are two hours in time of peace, one in time of war.  Many future posts will probably pertain to sea lawyers, because they are freaking everywhere!


One thought on “Weekly Navy jargon

  1. In the army they were “barracks lawyers” and “Sh*thouse lawyers”. I’m sure the results in my experience were equally aggravating and amusing, what with people being people and all that…


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