Enlightening conversations

On one paricularly boring midwatch, I was training an under instruction watch on deadly force.  There are certain criteria where we may strike or shoot an assailant.  This kid informed me that he wouldn’t ever be able to shoot anyone.  He didn’t know we carried guns in the Navy.  I wanted to slap him.  “You are aware that the Navy is one of this country’s ARMED forces, right.”  I continued to explain that the safety of x number of people relied on us being able to shoot and stop bad guys.  He continued to whine about cops receive more training than us(not really, we are at least even).  This kid was bitching and whining and whining and bitching.  It was everything I could do to not call him a snot nosed pussy.  Now, if a man is a pacifist, I respect that.  But why would a pacifist join the armed forces?  The bottom line is, I want to get off watch in one piece, and if I must shoot somebody, assuming every criteria is met, I will.  I am purposely not mentioning the specific situations, for OPSEC purposes.  This being an auxiliary ship, some engineering rates stand armed sentry instead of pit watches.


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