more some people’s kids(edited for spelling)

The current crop of young folks in the Navy are now coming from the entitlement generation, as I call it.  Apparently, they thought joining the Navy would be like riding the gravy train on biscuit wheels.  Asking them to work is like telling a kid that Santa isn’t real.  They also think I talk too mean.  I have no interest in kissing anybody’s ass, over or under me in the chain of command.  I will be professional.  No more, no less.  In ’99, Petty Officers could still cuss, scream, and question your lineage.  Now it might hurt their feelings.  One of my favorite phrases is usually a variation on “Quit yer bitchin’ and get to work.”  My roommate is a shipfitter, and on my same ship as one can probably guess.  One particular Friday found Gumby not liking his field day assignment.  Roomie was ship checking a job and overheard this guy ranting.  I turned to him and mentioned that his assigned space wasn’t getting any cleaner while he was standing in front of me bellyaching.  He said something disrespectful, and roomie, senior to me by a month informed me that he’s got this(a favorite phrase of ours from “C” school).  When roomie was done reading SN Gumby the riot act, that kid wanted to route a grievance.  He felt threatend by that mean old shipfitter.  Conventional wisdom holds that you can get a cap brim’s length from the counselee and it is proper.  Apparently, SKCM got wind of this, and had intended to protect the Petty Officer in question, because she felt SN Gumby was too big for his britches.  For the civvies/non-Navy SKCM is a Master Chief Storekeeper, or an E-9.


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