More 7 whys

Google also brought someone hear looking for the 7 whys.  An example.

1.  Why aren’t you voting for Obama?  because he’s an asshat and a communist.

2.  Why do you say that?  He’s supported by and named for our most major enemies in the last decade.

3.  Why is that an issue?  Because I, and men and women before me have donated large parts of our time and youth to defeat these regimes and what they stand for.(editor’s note, usually this is where they snivel about baby killers, but for the purpose of the example, I will carry on as if i were talking to a well reasoned human.)

4.  Why don’t you believe everything he says?  He doesn’t even believe everything he says, witnessed by his doublspeak on most issues.

5.  Why can’t you support a progressive, enlightened candidate?  Aren’t those code words used by socialists.

6.  Why is socialism a bad thing?  he hasn’t worked yet in a hundred or so years. 

7.So, it’s because you think he supports a failed ideology? Yes.

And that folks, is what the 7 whys might look like.  A couple folks onmy blogroll are vets, and they didn’t stand between us and the commie hordes(MC), or the Muslim terrorists so someone both of those parties support can turn our country into a commie paradise.  Thus ends today’s civics/QA/history lesson.


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