frivolous lawsuits

From the Pirate King.  A Jewish fireman is suing because of his FD’s grooming standards.  It is a safety issue, not an image issue.  Fireman sometimes work on the Sabbath and holidays too.  They come into contact with “unclean” animals and people.  This gets a WTF! from me.  I love all of our freedoms, and I continue to fight for them.  However, my favorite freedom in the US is the freedom to change your circumstance.  The reason firefighters do not wear beards is their SCBAs.  A beard makes the air tank less efficient in the best case, and inoperable in extreme cases.  I have used various breathing devices in my jobs over the last nine years.  Bare skin gets the best seal.  I love the Jews.  I believe they are God’s chosen, as the Bible teaches.  But this guy is being over the top.


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