A good point about politics

I was perusing the blogs at Anarchangel today, and Mrs. Anarchangel made a good point about family.  I have long said my family puts the fun in dsfunctional.Parentheses indicate my comments.

What the MSM and the Leftroots…

don’t understand is how they can drag out so much “dirt” about Gov. Palin and we can still love her so much.

Aren’t we conservative? Don’t teen pregnancy and drunk driving bother us?

Sure, it bothers us. So why don’t we hate her? And as importantly, how can we love her so much but hate Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and William Jefferson so much? Aren’t all “scandals” alike?

No, not really.

Here’s the deal. I think honestly the reason we like Gov. Palin so much is because she’s so much LIKE US.

Think of your immediate family, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I can almost guarantee you that somewhere in that group of relations there is at least one
A.) teen pregnancy and/or marriage,(Two for the snipe)
B.) DUI,(An alcohol related incident for the snipe.)
C.) blue collar worker,(Most of Dad’s side.)
D.) special needs child(Not yet, but plenty of my friends in SD had one)
E.) mother who works(plenty on both sides)

In my case I have 4 of option A, countless of option B (not me of course), at least 50% of my family fits C, there’s a couple of option D, and almost all of us mothers are option E.

However, no where in my family line (and I’m guessing this applies to most other people as well) do I have
A.) a man who got a blowjob in public office on public property and then lied about it in open court,
B.) a man who cheated on his terminally ill wife, and
C.) a man who filled his freezer with bribes accepted while in public office.

We hate the Democrats who did these things because honestly, besides being absolutely sleazy, every single one of those actions was an egregious violation of trust, either the trust of the public or the trust of their families (or both).

The thing the MSM doesn’t understand about Palin’s scandals is that they’re everyone’s scandals


2 thoughts on “A good point about politics

  1. Yeah, and if ya do a bit of research it looks (Appears) more and more likely that obama-rama-ding-dong is a bastard himself. Literally and figuratively I suppose. Appears mama whelped him before she married. But hey, let’s ignore that and harp on Sarah’s kid for being unwed and preggers.


    USN (Ret)

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