Liberty Call!!

One of my favorite liberty stories involves my roommate and i prior to us becoming roommates.  I had recently lerarned that i would be cutting “C” school short because I wasn’t very good at welding.  We decided to have a shindig.  Roomie had been stationed in this area prior to school.  He called some of his old shipmates, whose response should have troubled me.”We wouldn’t miss this for the world.”  At the time, he was married.  We started at some bar named after a leaf.  This place was once a speakeasy, and was now protected under historical guidelines.  To call this place a hole in the wall would be giving it extra credit.  One of our merry band of idiots seemed to know every bartender in the greater Kitsap area by first name.  Eventually(many beers later), we decided to visit other bars.  The next bar was far too uppity for our liking.  We somehow ended up at the Horse and Cow, which is a bubblehead bar.  Roomie and I were the first through the door.  We were told we were cut off(no booze.)  Our buddy Fudge, the token black guy, said, “F that boys, drink up!” and handed us some beer.  As we were sipping our beer, the bouncer came up informed us he meant what he said about no beer.  Roomie grabbed old boy by the collar, pulled him to within an inch of his face, and chugged his beer.  We were removed from the bar by less than polite means.  Our group has seen this, and has followed us out.  Roomie wanted to beat the bouncer to a pulp.  This is a good time to mention that our whole group was comprised of mainly big guys.  A big guy was on each of roomie’s limbs, and he was still moving forward.  One of our group had been left behind(pirate’s code) because he had been hitting on a Bremelo.  One of roomie’s old friends was trying to convince us to just let go because”We have bail money, and his wife expects this.”  We eventually managed o stuff his ass in a DD truck, and get back to his house.  One of his neighbors came through in a big way, with an ass ton of beer.  As we continued drinking into the sunrise, all roomie kept saying was”Where’s C”, and “I want to burn that place to the ground.”


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