The bored list

I hate being bored.  From Google, a list of things to remedy that.  let’s see how many I have done.

List of Things to Do

  1. Do a headstand/handstand-no
  2. Make balloon animals-I’ve tried
  3. Learn how to say “hello/Good Morning/Good afternoon”, “Thank you”, “Excuse me” and “Please” in the top  10-20 languages in the world– I got about 5 so far(English,Spanish,German,Korean,and Japanese)  
  4. Learn different types of knots (from camping and sailing) and how to wrap a bandage-I am a sailor, what do you think.
  5. Learn how to quickly mix and serve several of the most popular bar drinks-just mine and the roomie’s favorites 
  6. Whistle with your fingers-I suck at it. 
  7. Learn calligraphy-once upon a time in junior high
  8. Learn the pen flippy trick where you spin it around your thumb– thaat’s what midwatches are for. 
  9. Penny whistle- no idea
  10. learn to judge measurements in metric-I can do a few 
  11. build a shelter in the wilderness– Eagle Scout, baby!
  12. multiply large numbers in your head- not so much, I like scratch paper.
  13. Learn how to take apart/put back together your bike– that’s what snipes do.
  14. Learn how to bunnyhop on your bike– too easy 
  15. Stained glass– Mom’s sister has a company.  I’ve helped.
  16. Do a cartwheel– easy day.
  17. Clean & gut a fish perfectly-why, when you can eat the whole thing? 
  18. pick a different country/political issue each week and read everything I could about the  history/culture/feeder issues– Regularly
  19. Learn to use your fingers as an abacus to do difficult math without a calculator  :view posts
  20. Learn to play the jaw harp- nope. 
  21. Write and direct your own short movie (YouTube?)-nope
  22. make a video game-nope
  23. learn basic pool physics-?
  24. learn to consistently shoot free throws in basketball– coach used to make us shoot 10 free throws at the beginning of every practice.  one lap for every one we missed. 
  25. learn to make a few paper air planes– midwatch in CCS
  26. Take a race car driving class– driver’s ed in WV
  27. Learn to skip a rock on water at least 6 times or more– that hillbilly thing of mine. 
  28. Learn how to do “hacky-sack” tricks– junior high
  29. Learn to do some Chinese calligraphy with a brush- that would be cool 
  30. Learn semaphore– BSA and USN
  31. Learn how to cut up vegetables all quick and crap like chefs on TV.- roomie used to be a sous chef.  He gives pointers on that. 
  32. Learn shorthand– I know hillbilly shorthand.
  33. Learn to sign your name so that it looks like your regular signature in a mirror-sounds fun 
  34. learn to circular breathe-?
  35. “master” the bass guitar and play 5 songs- I’m more of a uke guy these days. 
  36. go camping-many times growing up.
  37. Learn to cook over a fire-BSA again
  38. Learn about edible plants-God Bless the BSA
  39. Swim with a dolphin-how about sail beside them?
  40. Learn to speak a foreign language and make sure you use it: Spaanish
  41. Go skinny dipping-in the Cranberry backcountry 
  42. Raft through the Grand Canyon-on my short list
  43. Learn to bartend- I do ok at our house parties.  I am a sailor after all.
  44. get a passport-nearly there
  45. Learn to ride a horse– FUN
  46. Go on an overnight hike– BSA
  47. Learn to sail-also on my short list
  48. go fishing– spear fishing is my new favorite.
  49. learn to skateboard-when I was growing up
  50. Basic chemistry-junior high, and later the Oil Lab on a CG
  51. The most important lessons from ten other world cultures and their history-I have a few, but probably not ten. 
  52. A little geometry, a little calculus-geometry yes, calculus not so much. 
  53. The 15,000 most common English words-hmm, I may Google that later
  54. build a robot-could be fun
  55. Amateur astronomy-BSA and USN again
  56. Lock picking- I claim the Fifth.
  57. Sculpture-I prefer whittling. 
  58. Animation-nah
  59. Chess-I like.
  60. Go- not sure
  61. Chinese Checkers– ooh, yeah 
  62. Bridge-not so much
  63. Dominoes – pretty ok
  64. Video Games– on occasion
  65. Model engineering- how about the real deal
  66. weave a cowboy hat- nah 
  67. Backpacking– regularly grwoing up
  68. Bouldering-?
  69. urban climbing-afraid of heights 
  70. Canoeing and kayaking- yes to both
  71. Kite flying– yep 
  72. Archery-yep
  73. Free Running-I think so 
  74. Hunting-I’m from WV, of course.
  75. Kite surfing- not yet
  76. Martial arts– Universal Kempo
  77. Skiing-yes
  78. Snowboarding-nope
  79. Radio control toys– lots of clubs on Guam
  80. Educational Courses-does navy Knowledge Online count?
  81. Pinochle-no
  82. Model Rockets- not yet 
  83. Volunteer At A Museum-not yet 
  84. Skeet Shooting-yes
  85. Matchstick Modeling-not exactly 
  86. Bicycling-yes
  87. concerts-yes
  88. Swimming – yes, I think all Navy applicants should learn to swim well.
  89. Golf-yes
  90. Collecting Postcards-not so much 
  91. rice sculpture-no
  92. travel– join the Navy, see the world
  93. hang gliding- afraid of heoghts
  94. Cloud Watching : once upon a time.
  95. String Figures-no
  96. knife throwing-yes
  97. Origami– yes
  98. paintball– very yes
  99. Telescope making- only with TP tubes
  100. Wood carving-yes
  101. woodworking-yes, carpenter shop on a ship
  102. othello-yes
  103. Juggle a soccer ball-not so much 
  104. Learn to draw eyes: I can do OK
  105. whittling : BSA
  106. yo-yo-yes originally a weapon
  107. frisbee-ultimate frisbee
  108. Write a novel- how about blogging?
  109. learn NLP-?
  110. write a device driver-?
  111. learn a functional language (LISP or Haskell or elang)-?
  112. Learn a distributed version contorl system (bzr)-?
  113. Write a program for a Quantum computer-?
  114. Write a mutating virus-?
  115. Change password to things you can type with one hand-?
  116. learn to type on one handed keyboard- I type one handed on a two handed keyboard. 
  117. water skiing-not yet
  118. Learn how to count cards (poker)-half decent 
  119. See old faithful-also on my short list.
  120. Blow smoke rings– I do Ok with cigar smoke rings
  121. Build a Boat : I fix them
  122. Basket Weaving-nah
  123. CAD and or Drafting-CAD no drafting yes
  124. write a ray tracer-?
  125. Design and build things-that’s what you, the taxpayer, pay me to do. 
  126. Solve all of the programming challenges here:– no thanks 
  127. Write a file system-nope
  128. Run in a 5k– plenty
  129. Run in a 10k– I used to run that distance for PT
  130. Run in a marathon-a half marathon 
  131. Become a certified Yoga teacher- Iould rather become a Personal Trainer

BSA is Boy Scouts of America.  USN is US Navy.  If you don’t know what WV is, beat yourself in the head with an eigth grade social studies book, then use it.


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