Some people’s kids!

I sometimes feel like i am the last of a dying breed.  I was taught by responsible parents about consequences.  Mom sheltered my brother and I a little, but Dad was a little more free in his approach, in a good way.  I learned that bragging can get you made fun of, hard work pays off, helping others is the right thing to do, and a list of other personal and civic virtues.  As I am an E-5(payscale used for any OSVET types that don’t know what a PO2 is), I supervise newer and younger sailors.  Coming up through the ranks in the Navy, there still a vestige of bulkhead training.  These days, we can’t even yell.  One of my subordinates I shall call Gumby, thinks he is God’s gift to everybody.  He has stories for everything.  Most of his stories usually prove to be false.  But we can’t call B.S on him, lest he routs a grievance through those nose wiping enablers in the Crying My Eyes Out(CMEO) office.  He is a SN, but thinks he knows more about metal than me.  An HT is a metalworker by trade.  Sometimes, I play his game long enought to embarass him.  When he doesn’t know the answer to a steel question that every HTFN I have ever known knows in their sleep, he refuses to answer.  Too much sensitivity these days.


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