Navy man skills

The Navy is looking at giving more or better training based on some recent INSURV inspections.  As I was reading that, I realized that a lot of sailors don’t learn some of the skills in basic training that used to be required.  Without further ado, here is my lsit of skills that I think every sailor should have.

  1. Be able to tie the 5 basic knots(bowline,clove hitch, two half hitches,tautline hitch, and the square knot).
  2. Be able to swim and/or tread water.
  3. Be able to tie a double-windsor knot in a necktie.
  4. Spit shine a pair of dress shoes.
  5. Know nautical terminology.
  6. Be able to render basic first aid.
  7. Know damage control.
  8. Know how to use an iron.
  9. Know how to use a razor.
  10. Know most of the famous battles in naval warfare, back to at least the Greeks and Romans.
  11. Know how and when to use a sidearm in self defense.
  12. Know boat hails.
  13. Be familiar with nautical superstitions(I didn’t say believe them.)
  14. Know how to paint.
  15. Know how to respect the National Ensign.
  16. Know the first verse of Anchors Aweigh.
  17. Know the length of the first verse of the National Anthem, as played by a military band.(90 seconds).
  18. Know the proper way to escort a female.
  19. Know at least one formal dance step(waltz, cha-cha, etc).  I learned this courtesy of one of my dates to the Navy Birthday Ball.
  20. Be reasonably familiar with current events.

Those are the ones that sprung to mind right away.


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