HOO-YAH! is one of those terms we use in the Navy to express enthusiasm, dissatisfaction, or other strong emotion.  One of a sailor’s, especially a snipe’s many pursuits in his off hours involve trying to interact with the fairer sex.  I have finally landed a date.  I met a Chinese girl that works here.  We managed to converse for about three hours on the phone.  We are going on a date this weekend.  Now for a word about stereotypes.  I strongly believe that every person on this earth harbors a stereotype or two about other ethnicities.  The polite among us try not to use stereotypes we have been taught by ignorant others.  I say this because in our conversation, she mentioned eating dog, and that cooking rice was her first cooking lesson.  Personally, I would try eating dog.  Just not my own.  He’s too much like a son.


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