Navy slang

One time when I was home on leave, I was excitedly telling my parents of some of my more PG rated adventures on my first WESTPAC.  That’s when I learned I didn’t talk normal anymore.  My Mom asked me this, “Are you ever going to talk normal again?”  I think I may introduce a Navy phrase of the week.   This week’s is going to be shellback.  A shellback is a sailor who has crossed the Equator.  There are variations such as golden shellback, for crossing the Equator and International Dateline simultaneously.  Shellbacks carry a guard, get a certificate, and some of the more old school wear a turtle tattoo on their legs, as a hat tip to the old phrase show some leg.  Any sailor who has not yet crossed the equator is a slimy polliwog, and subject to much derision from shellbacks.


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