basic gripes

As much as all the branches tease each other, we have a lot in common.  Food, new uniforms, and top brass get lampooned.  The Army and Navy are getting new uniforms.  The commoners such as myself think they are ugly as sin.  Our winter blues(Johnny Cash) and summer whites(Good humor man), are being replaced by a uniform that makes us look like wannabe Marines.  I personally liked the Summer Whites.  Marine Mike at the Halls to the shores links to a post about uniforms.  They are supposed to intimidate the enemy, inspire young’uns, and woo the fairer sex.  We are in the middle of the third uniform change in nine years.  If you are so inclined, image search Task Force Uniform.  My Boot Camp Division was one of the last to be issued dungarees.  Inmate look-alike or not, that uniform was comfortable and distinct.  And fire retardant.  And cheap.  I bet Adm Halsey is rolling over in his grave at Flank 3 about these new uniforms.


2 thoughts on “basic gripes

  1. You’re correct. Dungarees are very comfortable. I can’t imagine the Navy giving up on the white hats though. Sailors wearing piss cutters will just be weird. Any idea what material the working uniform pants will be made of? Will it be as tough as denim? If not, then nonskid will chew them up in a hurry ( I did a lot of sitting and waiting on a nonskid deck during unreps).

  2. The newest working uniform, to replace the utilities, are a BDU style uniform. It looks like the white hat will only be worn with the service dress uniforms now. We still have coveralls as well. As a snipe, that will probably be my primary working uniform still.

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