What did you do during the war?

On my second deployment to the Persian Gulf, we almost got shot by some pissed off Iranians.  I happen to have an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the wrong time, or vice versa.  i was delivering the daily heat stress report to the bridge, and the bridge to bridge radio started going apeshit.  “US Warship##, you are in our waters.   Depart immediately.”  We were in international waters, mind you.  Part of the hubhub in the Gulf region is who owns how much of that piece of the ocean.  Our response”Unidentified warship, this is US warship##.  You are threatening us.  If you continue to do so we will defend ourselves”.  I heard about to the war part and I was tearing ass to the assigned Repair Locker for such contingencies.  As an HT, I am usually on the Flying Squad.  The Officer of the Deck(OOD) begin issuing orders to the crew via the 1MC.  In short order, every swinging deck with a gun card was stationed for maximum show of force.  My fellow Flying Squad members were on the ready in Rep 5.  You don’t really know fear until you are an RCH away from having to apply some very life or death skills, in a very life or death environment.  Eventually, the iranians realized we weren’t skylarking(dorking around), and backed down to a non-threatening distance.  This is one of my favorite sea stories, and the ship got a Naval Unit Citation(NUC) out of it.  The hull number has been omitted for OPSEC purposes.


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