The clown prince of puppies.

I am a dog person.  I have been all my life.  Since i can remember, someone near of kin to me has had a dog.  My roommate is the same way.  A year ago, we bought a pit bull puppy.  He is such a clown.  This isn’t the place for “pitbulls are evil” debates”.  Dalmations attack more people in a year than real APBTs.  I have been doing ropeyarn all day today.  Since my roommate, who is a geo-bachelor, is on leave, Freedom the pitbull has been following me around all day.  About the time I was done, I sat on the couch wore out.  That dog came up and hugged me.  We taught him this when we were drunk, and apparently he remembered.  That dog doesn’t know he is supposed to be vicious.  He is docile as a Pound Puppy.  His pasttimes include watching TV, chasing his sister Dixie the Dobie, and trying to get the dog treat fromout of the rubber bone.


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