Ribbons and stuff

We had a dress blues inspection the other day.  All the kids that work for me have between one and three ribbons.  I have 11, not counting multiples on some.  My first tour was a warship, and we usually ended up smack in the middle of some sh**.  I have never served my country for a pretty piece of cloth, but if I earn it, I wear it.  The look on the faces of the E-3 and below, and of my LPO, were priceless.  One of the more forthright SN asked where i got all my ribbons.  I fought the urge to jerk his chain and say the Exchange.  I pointed out about 6, a couple with multiples and told him hostile foreign waters.  The rest are for not being a dickhead(GCM, anybody).  Eventually, there should be some posts detailing the circumstances around the extremely mundane, and the damn we were lucky ribbons.


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