100 weird and wonderful foods




100. Venison:

 Yes, whitetail deer in WV and Guam deer



99. Nettle tea: No, 

98. Huevos rancheros: 7 years in San Diego, need I sa more

97. Steak tartare: no but I would try iy

96. Crocodile: no

95. Black pudding: no

94. Cheese fondue: yee

93. Carp: yes

92. Borscht: Not yet.

91. Baba ghanoush: Quite possibly, many of my family friends are of foreign ancestry

90. Calamari: about ten different ways

89. Pho: Heck yes.  A Vietnamese American I used to work with would bring in some homemade pho for potlucks at the QA office.

88. PB&J sandwich: My favorite involves fresh berries warmed up and mushed.

87. Aloo gobi: Not yet.

86. Hot dog from a street cart: Yes.

85. Époisses: no

84. Black truffle: Not yet.

83. Fruit wine made from something other than grapes: If coconut wine counts.  Its called tuba on Guam.

82. Steamed pork buns: a dime a dozen on Guam at the Korean run stores.

81. Pistachio ice cream: yes

80. Heirloom tomatoes: from Grandpa’s garden.

79. Fresh wild berries: My Aunt had a thicket of blackberries at her house. MM Good!

78. Foie gras: no

77. Rice and beans: In all types of combos, my personal favorite is black beans and rice.

76. Brawn, or head cheese: appaently by default from eating potted meat.

75. Raw Scotch Bonnet pepper: No, But I have ate Guam boonie peppers raw.

74. Dulce de leche: Yes

73. Oysters: Yes, my preference is on hte half shell.

72. Baklava: Yes. The first time was at a Greek wedding banquet for one of Dad’s friends.

71. Bagna cauda: no

70. Wasabi peas: Every port I’ve visited in Asia has them.  And all kinds of flavors too.

69. Clam chowder in a sourdough bowl: I like good thick soup in a bread bowl.

68. Salted lassi: no

67. Sauerkraut: I like baking pork products on a bed of sauerkraut.

66. Root beer float: Oh, yeah!

65. Cognac with a fat cigar: no, but Maker’s Mark and a fine cigar are just as good.

64. Clotted cream tea: no

63. Vodka jelly/Jell-O shot: some girls from work made these for our last BYOb Halloween party.  I would rather put the vodka in a proper drink.

62. Gumbo: from a third hand Cajun.  Some of Dad’s uncles are from Louisiana, and I like his recipe.

61. Oxtail: Chamorros(indigenous to GU) put it in beans like we use ham hocks.

60. Curried goat: not yet

59. Whole insects: A delicacy courtesy of my Mexican friends.

58. Phaal: no idea

57. Goat’s milk: A gift to Dad from the Greek friend mentioned earlier.

56. Single malt whisky: I do enjoy a good whisky.

55. Fugu: no

54. Chicken tikka masala: Not yet.

53. Eel: yes

52. Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut: yes, but I prefer Crown bakery.

51. Sea urchin: I didn’t like it.

50. Prickly pear: not yet.

49. Umeboshi: a popular beer drinking snack on Guam.

48. Abalone: I’m pretty sure I have.

47. Paneer: Not yet

46. McDonald’s Big Mac Meal: yes, who hasn’t

45. Spaetzle: Dad brought some back from a business trip to Germany.

44. Dirty gin martini: the only kind if you ask me.

43. Beer above 8% ABV: Australia has some good ones

42. Poutine: Nope.

41. Carob chips: no

40. S’mores: Yep. Boy Scouts.

39. Sweetbreads: the closest I’ve came is sweet meat from venison

38. Kaolin: no

37. Currywurst: I’ve had ‘hot links’, the equivalent…

36. Durian: No, but I probably will by the time I leave the Western Pacific.

35. Frogs’ legs: Nothing special.

34. Beignets, churros, elephant ears or funnel cake: San diego County Fair.

33. Haggis: It’s on my list of things to try. But in Guam they have a stew made with pig intestines. Pretty rich.

32. Fried plantain: Yeah, more of the influence of my Hispanic friends.

31. Chitterlings, or andouillette: no

30. Gazpacho: yes, a good summer soup

29. Caviar and blini: no

28. Louche absinthe: This is one liquor I haven’t tried yet.

27. Gjetost, or brunost: I don’t know about this one.

26. Roadkill: Despite what you might have heard, this hillbilly don’t eat roadkill.

25. Baijiu: no

24. Hostess Fruit Pie: my maternal grandparents always had these at their house.

23. Snails: not yet

22. Lapsang souchong: Quite possibly.  I have spent most of my adult life sailing through Asian areas.

21. Bellini: No

20. Tom yum: not yet.

19. Eggs Benedict: Yes.

18. Pocky: back to those trips ta Asia again

17. Tasting menu at a three-Michelin-star restaurant: No.

16. Kobe beef: love it.

15. Hare: it’s on my short list.

14. Goulash: Mom’s side is of german descent.

13. Flowers: clover, during Wilderness Survival in Boy Scouts.

12. Horse: No, but I wouldn’t turn it down.

11. Criollo: No

10. Spam: a staple on Guam.  We fry it and drop it in Ramen.

9. Soft shell crab: Yes, from the Sound in North Carolina.

8. Rose harissa: No

7. Catfish: in Mississippi

6. Mole poblano: One of only a small handful of Mexican foods I haven’t tried.

5. Bagel and lox: yes

4. Lobster Thermidor: not bad.

3. Polenta: once upon a time.

2. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee: No, I prefer Kona.

1. Snake: Yeah. In NC a local pizza joint offered it as a topping.


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