What’s a snipe

About the title of this blog.  Mostly Cajun correctly surmised that snipe is a Navy thing.  A snipe is an engineer.  Specialties that make the screws(screws for ships, props for planes) go roundy-round.  My own specialty is Hull Maintenance Technician, or HT for short.  Some engineers do not spend their entire time in engine rooms.  We are given the moniker fresh air snipe by the Machinist Mates and Engineman because they are jealous.


3 thoughts on “What’s a snipe

  1. Came here by way of Mostly Cajun.
    This old Engineman was a fresh air snipe too.
    I was A-gang, at least while not underway.
    Then it was 6&6 as a throttleman in main control.
    And it was on the last real DD, the Turner Joy.
    So I was a both a hole snipe and then able to see the sun once in a while too.

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