Remembering 9/11

I can still remeber 9/11 in great detail.  I was a junior sailor on a warship.  We saw the first plane hit, and the towers were still standing.  We learned of the full gravity of the situation later.  We made some jokes, went to roll call, and got the “going to war” speech from our Senior Chief.  I can’t get into what happened next for OPSEC purposes, but we were ready to cast off lines a very short while later.  Your basic emergency sortie.  We got stood down a short while later, enough time to buy some necessities(we were not in our home waters), and call home.  The next couple of weeks we were patrolling the West Coast waiting for a Part 2.  It never came, and our next deployment, we got to blow stuff up.  Score one for the good guys!


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