In the local paper today, the Director of Homeland Security says airports still aren’t safe.  No kidding!  We are at war!  Our enemy is typically young and Arab, yet we are looking at Grannies and Boy Scouts to not offend the Religion of Delicare Sensibilities.  A Christian man I count as a good friend was detained temporarily in Israel because he is Kuwaiti and there was a mix up.  He was not upset because he fit the profile of a race Israelis have been at war with for a long time.  Everything was smoothed out and he went on his way.  he is Kuwaiti by the way.  It used to be when we were at war we made fun of our enemy to strengthen our troops resolve.  We need to do that again.  The good Arabs should understand.  If the ACLU disagrees, offer them a first class ticket to Iran, or charge them with treason.  matter of fact, if anyother person dies because the ACLU says we can’t hinder our enemies, charge them all with aggravated manslaughter, or hate crime against Americans.


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